Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Kate, Morrissey, and Me

I have been talking to Kate a lot about music lately. She likes my musical taste. I have been sharing Iron & Wine, The Decemberist, Laura Veirs, Calvin Johnson, and Neutral Milk Hotel with her. Most of the stuff I play for her she likes. That makes me happy. I like sharing my music. It makes feel like she understands me.

The other day I was playing Morrissey for her. I told her my story about meeting Morrissey and she dislikes him as a person now. It is because she is protective of me.

The hard thing to explain is why I still like listen to Morrissey. I do not thing I am still the person I was when I was a big morrissey fan. For the most part, I do not listen to any of the music I listed to when I was in college. I left most of those bands behind me. Most of the bands I listen to now where not around when I was in college. Being a morrissey fan is part of my past. I think it is important to leave bands in the past. You have to know when holding onto an idea is not doing you any good anymore. You can still visit those ideas in the past, but leave them in the past.
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