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Phillies 10,000 Losses on ESPN
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I am not sure how it happened. The same season the Phillies past the 10,000 loss milestone, they also make the playoffs on the last game of the season. They got there by not giving up. I gave up on the team back in May after a slow start and the Mets look unbeatable. Maybe the guys playing in the Field of Dreams smiled on the Phillies. Maybe the Ghosts of the Baker Bowl came to help the Phillies this time.

Top Six Phillies Headlines of the Season

6. Jimmy Rollins redefines his career
5. Howard the Phillies slump to start the season
4. Cole Hamels Pitches like an Ace all season
3. Manager challenges Radio Talk show to host in press conference.
2. Phillies First Franchise with 10,000 Losses
1. Phillies make the playoffs due to a September with a surge combined with an historic collapse.

This season redefines historic.

I just don't know what else to say.;_ylt=AoKbHaJaTv9RzNlnGwTwqX8k0bYF?slug=txhow07phillies&prov=st&type=lgns

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