Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Too busy living life

At the end of Perks of Being A Wall Flower, the main character writes that he going to be too busy living life to write so many letters. I feel that way right now. A new job and a new romantic interest can take up a lot of time. Right now most of that time is coming from two places, TV watching and internet usage. Those are not bad places to take time from. In the last year I have watched a lot of TV and used the internet a lot. It is easy to let go of those things. I will admit that I convinced Ms. Starlight to watch the Penn State v. Notre Dame game with me and we both had fun. She really hated Jimmy Clausen for some reason.

The only bad thing about less time on the internet is that my blogging and flickr upkeep will suffer. That is a little bad. I will have to choose what is important. Work is likely to eat into other things too. I think I will be missing the SFlickr meet tomorrow. That is the kind of thing I don't want to miss.

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