Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Clean Apartment

I had to clean my apartment, I mean really clean my apartment, because the city is going to inspect it. They do this every 5 years for rent controlled apartments. My apartment is as clean as it has been since I moved in. I am not usually good at keeping my apartment clean.

Now that it is so clean I should have people over. My apartment is not really big enough to have a party. I might have people over for a game night, or something like that. Tell me if you are interested in coming over for Trivial Pursuit or Chrononauts or some other game you might like.

One of the ways I got my apartment so clean was to just put crap in boxes. I had a lot of clutter. I did not have the chance to sort through everything. I have no less that 28 different boxes of stuff in my apartment. Now I need a good strategy for going through these boxes. It is hard to get rid of just the right amount of stuff.

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