Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Looking for a wedding date

Dreamt 3/03/02 in San Jose

My friend Stephen M. had just announced his engagement. I was at his engagement party. I asked him to help me look for a date. He told me that everyone was able to get a date if they worked hard enough. He pointed out someone else as an example. This other guy already had a date for the wedding. I just needed to work hard at it.

At the engagment party I spent all the time talking to Stephen's younger sister. (In the dream Stephen had two sisters, the one he has in real life and a younger one then that) I talked to her a lot, but she disappeared at the end of the night.

The next day I was hanging out with a bunch of people. We were off-roading in Jeeps and 4x4s. I was hanging out with a woman I never met before. I was driving a jeep and she was riding shotgun. We were riding around an off-road track. Whenever we hit a jump we went 50 to 60 feet straight up. The last time we went up we fell out of the trunk. I landed on a hay pile and she landed on the ground. The woman was pissed, but I convinced her it was not that bad.

I was about to ask her out on a date. Then I saw Stephen's sister. I decided that I would rather ask Stephen's sister out on a date. I walked over and asked her.

I did not hear her answer. The next thing I was walking to my car with Stephen walking next to me. He was telling me not to take it too hard. Things like this happen all the time. I should not get to down on myself. I just needed to ask someone else. I was shocked that Stephen's Sister said no. I thought I had done everything right with her

Stephen and I got to my car and there were a lot of people standing around it. They were trying to put a mattress into my trunk. They were a bunch of Mensa guys. They were talking about the physics of how to get the mattress into my trunk. After a few minutes I just grabbed the mattress and told them how to do it. They were all over analyzing the problem. I drove off in my Reliant K after that.

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