Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Chicago Crash Pad

Dreamt 2/23/02 in San Jose

Eric and I were both on assignment in Chicago. I am not sure why TiVo set us there, but we were going for work reasons. We knew we were going to be there a long time. We hooked up with sleepingjpb. Jeremy took us to this crash pad that he had been hanging at a lot. All the people where in the 20s. Eric and I really had a good time there.

After a little while Jeremy, Eric, and I were the people supporting the crash pad. I really liked it because there were lots of fun people to hang out with. We had all the converstaions that did not make any real sense. We were the ones supporting it because we were the only ones with jobs.

Eric was getting sick of having to work to support everyone else. I told him he was the most responcable and the most employable in the bunch. He did not like hear thing. I told him that a Tech Writer could get a job in any city. He was upset but we kept on hanging out there.
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