Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Places that are a part of me

There is a song a Son Volt song Highways And Cigarettes that has a line that has been sticking in my head. The lyric is Las Cruces will always be a part of you. I have been thinking about that line. What places are part of me.

The easy places are the places I have lived and worked. Of course those places are a part of me. Anyplace where I call home is going to be a part of me. Any place that holds some of me because I was there.

Bucks County, PA
Montgomery County, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Millersville, PA
Lancaster, PA
Portland, OR
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA

There are other places. Places I have been and places I have known. Those places are part of me in ways that are harder to describe.

Washington, DC
Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle, WA
San Diego, CA
Albuquerque, NM

In the end there is a part of me that are connected to these places.

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