Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Courtney and computers

Dreamt 2/22/02 in San Jose

I was driving around a neighborhood on my way to Jaz's house. He is one of the engineers that I work with. I had heard a rumor that Courtney Love had just moved into his neighborhood. While I was driving around I saw a girl holding a vigil for Courtney Love. It was not the kind of neighborhood that I would expect her to live in. It was just a suburban neighborhood. I went to Jaz's house. He answered the door, but he did not invite me in. He lived in this townhouse development. There was another engineer with him. They were joking around, but they would not invite me into the house. I told him want he needed to know and I left.

While I was walking to my car I realized that Courtney Love right next door to Jaz. There were two guys from Apple at her house. They were installing new Imacs. I was standing there as she was giving the installers instructions. I had just written something very nasty about her on the Internet. I wanted to say something to her but I was afraid she would recognize me. I was looking at the computer still in the installers truck. My friend Angela walked up and asked me what I was doing. I pointed out the Imac sitting in the unlocked truck. We joked about it for a minute. Courtney Love and the installers came back out. We told here that we liked Apples. She invited us to come in her house to see all her computers. We jumped at the invitation. Her house was huge. It was a townhouse, but we walked through 5 big rooms on the ground floor. She was being really nice to us. As we were walking through her house I told her who I was and that I wrote something very nasty about her on the Internet. She told me she knew who I was when she invited me into her house. She told me not to worry because she likes people that say much worse about her. We got to her den. There were Apples all over the place. She had a lot of odd equipment. There was a laptop that had a laptop with 22-inch Cinema Display. All of the computers were playing different scenes from the next Star Wars movie. There were lots of people hanging out in her den.

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