Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Gorilla Attack

Dreamt 2/22/02 in San Jose

I was in this huge building and we were being attacked by super intelligent Gorillas. There must have been 100 people in this building. There were only five Gorillas attacking us. The Gorillas where really fast and had high tech weapons. Each of the Gorillas had a bandoleer strap on. We were throwing food at them. I know I kept on hitting one of them with a pie. Some one had a plan to use hot pepper to make some kind of bomb. The bomb did not work, but we blew all the hot pepper into the air. This drove the gorillas away. I realized that all the people were fighting against the gorillas were people from TiVo. I was following one as he was running away. He ducked into the bathroom. There was a woman in the bathroom that was working with the gorillas. She was sitting there using a laptop. She opened some kind of portal for the gorilla to run through. I grabbed the laptop from her. She started to yell at us how we are all going to serve the gorillas some day.

It was decided that we should interrogate the woman. I walked the woman down to a part of the building that we were not using at the time. When we were fighting the gorillas the building was like a huge house. Now the building was like a converted elementary school. My company was using it as our office. I took the woman down to one of the last classrooms. I was talking to her trying to gain her confidence. I was watching her in one of the classrooms. The door was not all there, so I could only close the top half of it. Kyrie, a woman who I used to work with, came to lead the interrogation. She had a degree in Psych so I just followed her lead. I was surprised that she let me stay around. I knew that I wanted to stay around, but I was not sure I fit into Kyrie's plans. I had no idea how old the woman was. She was small. I thought she might be as young as 16. The woman talked about being recruited by a religious cult. After two years of that she was in a really bad relationship. I asked the woman questions to find out how old she is. The other people in the interrogation gave me nasty looks when I tried to do this. The woman had such a hard life, I really felt sorry for her. I thought we should be doing something to help her. We never got to the point where we talked about when she joined up with the gorillas.

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