Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

My dreams have been haunting me lately.

Two nights ago I had a work dream. In the dream I had hired this guy Wayne who I went to high school with. In high school he was lazy and annoying. I hired him and he worked for me. In the dream my job got changed and he no longer reported to me. He stopped showing up for work. People kept asking me where he was and I covered for him. I had no idea why he was not coming into work. I did not call him and ask him where he was because I did not feel like it was my job. I knew the whole thing was going to be bad for me, but I did not do anything to make it better

Last night that I was back in my home town for some big event. The event was honor this priest who had been working in the community with youth. (The priest was dream world only) I knew that the priest had done work with one of my old friends, Cathy. I spent most of the time standing around the parking lot the event was in and talking with people about Cathy. I found out that Cathy was a case study in the book this guy. One of the people at the event told me that I made the book. The person read me the quote about me in the book. "Rich is a classic case of a friendship that was a barrier to Cathy's success." I felt really bad when he read this to me. I wanted to call Cathy and ask her if she felt this was true, but she wasn't talking to me.

I woke up from both of these dreams feeling really bad. I felt the dreams were trying to tell me something. I do not like it when I wake up feeling worse then when I went to bed. I am not sure what these dreams mean. I know that I have been stressed lately.

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