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Best of 2006

It is time again for my best of the year mixes. I did three mixes this year. I did Best of 2006, New to Me 2006, and the Best of the SXSW 2006 Bittorrent.

Best of 2006
I listened to about 65 albums released in 2006. I know that I listen to a lot of music. That should not surprise anyone. There was a lot of good music that came out this year. This mix only has a fraction of the music I would say it good.

Best of 2006

1. Fraud in The 80’s – Mates Of State
2. A Certain Romance – Arctic Monkeys
3. Gravity’s Gone – Drive by Truckers
4. E.N.Y House – Masta Killer
5. Lost In Boston – The Walkmen
6. Girl In A War – Josh Ritter
7. List of Baby Names – Bound Stems
8. Notion – Karl Blau
9. Fox Confessor Brings The Flood – Neko Case
10. Montgomery – Magnolia Electric Co
11. Chips Ahoy – The Hold Steady
12. Woke Up New – Mountain Goats
13. The Charging Sky – Jenny Lewis
14. Smiley Faces – Gnarls Barkley
15. The Competition – Kimya Dawson
16. Attraction is Ephemeral – Mecca Normal
17. Rubies - Destoryer
18. Rough Jems – Islands
19. The Greatest – Cat Power

New To Me 2006

No matter how much music I hear, something is always missed. That is why I make this mix. I think it is just as important as the best of the year mix.

New To Me 2006
1. If I’m Waiting – Jason Anderson
2. Huddle Formation – The Go! Team
3. Over and Over - Heavenly
4. So Long – Jason Anderson
5. Like A Monkey In A Zoo – K. McCarty
6. 1 Corinthians 13: 8-10 – Mountain Goats
7. I Wish I Was The Moon – Neko Case
8. Section 12 (Hold Me Now) – The Polyphonic Spree
9. Small Stakes - Spoon
10. The End Has No End – The Strokes
11. Hearts of Oak – Ted Leo / Pharmacists
12. Car Trouble – All Girl Summer Fun Band
13. You Held the World In Your Arms - Idlewild
14. Madam Truffle – Major Organ
15. At The Bottom of Everything – Bright Eyes
16. Love Steals Us From Loneliness - Idlewild
17. Off The Record – My Morning Jacket
18. The Purple Bottle – Animal Collective
19. Parisian Dream – Laura Veirs
20. Grounds For Divorce – Wolf Parade
21. Sorry Entertainer – Daniel Johnson

SXSW 2006

There are so many good bands that I have never heard of before. This is a good way to find some of them. I could spend my whole year just listening to the music from SXSW. I think that is a good thing.

SXSW 2006

1. Walkin’ On Nails – Mac Lethal
2. Binary Girl – Mathematicians
3. Memorize The City – The Organ
4. Agony – Awol One
5. Harvard Hand – The Foxymorons
6. I’ve Been Lost - +/-
7. Another Seven Year- Aberdeen City
8. na – Band of Horses
9. Postcards from Italy – Beirut
10. Birmingham – The Deaths
11. Girls & Sunshine – Dirty On Purpose
12. Hide & Seek – The Eighteenth Day
13. Buckeyed Rabbit – Grassy Knoll Boys
14. Try Telling That To My Baby – The Heavy Blinkers
15. Old Britannia – Hey Negrita
16. No Way Out – Love of Diagrams
17. Broken Plates – Magenta Lane
18. A Captive Audience – The Velvet Teen
19. No Good Here – Tim Fite
20. Red Drop - The Standard

If people want me to write about every song on this list let me know. I will get started on that entry.

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