Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Hard like what?

I was talking to my sister Ruth, mother of two, about relationships. She was on vacation when my ex-girl friend broke up with me. She wrote me a letter from the road. She found the letter going through her souvenirs. That prompted her to call me. We talked for about an hour and most of it was about relationships.

We talked about her friends and what she has seen in the world. I told her that I know nothing about meeting women. Her friend Joe kept on coming up in conversation. He is well known for always having women hanging off his arm. He says his secret is to never stop trying. He has failed many more times than he has succeed.

At this point she say that I have to be ready for meeting women to be the hardest thing I have ever done. At this point she says, "I think meeting the right person is harder than child birth." I was suprised to hear her say this. I thought women with children never said that something is hard then child birth.

To be honest I am not expecting meeting a woman to be hard like that. She might be right, but I have never thought about it like that before.

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