Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Vox apart

I just signed up for a Vox account. I am not sure what I am going to do with it. I already have a blog, a backup blog, LiveJournal, myspace, and Yahoo 360 account. You would think I already have enough places to blog. I guess I feel like I always need more. I know it is because I want to be there before it becomes big. If it turns out to be the next big thing, I want to be there before it is over. I had a Flickr account for almost a year before I started using it.

Vox has a lot of cool features. I can hook it right into my flickr account to make uploading photos easy. It also makes it easy for me to blog about music. I could make this my blog about music. That would be pretty cool.

I am not sure where all of these blogging services are going. I am not sure if I should cross post things or use every post for a different reason. I just wish I had enough time to keep all these blogs up to date.

I have an invite to share if anyone wants to try Vox. Just let me know.

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