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Dating on Flickr

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I would like there to be a dating API for flickr. I would like a way to sort through the photos for all the singles in my area. I would like to use flickr as a first pass to see if I could date them or not. I want to see how they photograph the world. I want to show them my pictures before I start talking to them. I think this will give me some idea of who they are. Does anyone know if this tool is out there right now?

I think people fail at dating because they focus on the wrong things. There are so many surface issues that you do not see the deeper person. You wast so much time on just getting an idea who a person is. I think that seeing someone's flickr photos could give me a place to start getting to know them. I think it would tell them something about me also.

I am not sure if you can really learn anything about me from just looking at my photos. It just does not seem any more useless than any other way people meet on line. It seems more useful than most dating sites.

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