Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Work Dream II

Dreamt 2/6/2002 in San Jose

I had this dream right after Work Dream I

The company I was working for was purchased by Fox and Rupert Murdock. It was a big shock to everyone I was working with. We were all invited to a big Fox corporate party. Only a couple people from work decided to go.

The party was a tubing trip down a river. Fox owned all the building on both sides of the river. A lot of the building where expensive town homes. There were little sub-parties going on all up and down the river.

I went tubing down the river. I met up with friends from high school, Bill and Cheryl. I remembered they were with me the last time I went tubing in high school. We took the trip down the river. The river emptied into a cove. We saw a whole bunch of people in the cove surfing on their tubes. Bill really wanted to do that. I told him I thought it was too deep where these people were. I left that area and Bill went to surf on his tube.

I was walking among the parties. Most people did not notice me and I picked up some good business gossip. I ran into one of my co-workers. We wanted to tell each other the dirt we had hurt. Every time we would try to go off on our own we would run into more people.

We were in a party and there was a knock on the door. After that we could here people fighting outside. It was Rupert Murdock and a NASCAR driver were fighting. The NASCAR driver was in his team jumpsuit with all the sponsors' logos on it. The driver was yelling at Murdock because he just bought the drivers team. He told Murdock he was not a good owner.

We pulled them apart. I knew Fox was going to be an interesting company to work for.

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