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The latest version of the abazab playbox is out. It is a big improvement over the last version. It has some key features like being able to delete content. The video from my phone is not the greatest. Looking at here at OVC makes it look really choppy. I am not sure where the weak link is. I will have to see if it looks better at home.

I now have an iSight for my iBook. It took me a while to get it working, but I found the answer of how to get Flash and iSight to work together. I am still playing with it on my website. I am having problems uploading the video from my iSight to Abazab. Once I can get that video uploaded I will have better quality video for abazab.

One of the new features is the ablity to embed video to any website using a url. Above and below is some video that I have embeded. Tell me what you think of the video. I am not sure if it is high enough quality to include on my blog or not.

I also have some invites to give out. It you are nice to me I might just give you one.

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EDIT: For some reason the embedded video is not working here it is working on my blog Sad Salvation. I am not sure what the issue is.

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