Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Scrapbook Stalker

Dreamt 2/5/2002 in San Jose

Two of sisters, Alice and Kathy, were at this huge scrapbooking crop. They had done something that made them big stars in the scrapbooking community. There was this woman stalking my sisters. She did something violent and was sent to jail.

After a year the woman escaped from jail. In the escape she tried to get close to my sisters. My sisters did not know if she was after them or the event they were at. The woman escaped and was still being chased by the cops.

The woman had made her way to where I was living. She was still on the run from the cops. She was spotted at a huge county fair/grocery store. I was at that fair/store when she was spotted. She did not know me. I started to follow here from a distance. She kept on giving the cops the slip. Each time she was spotted she changed her looks a little. After a little while she looked like a whole new person. She just walked right by the cops. I was the only person that knew what she looked like.

I was trying to follow her, but I lost her. I went to see my sisters. All of my sisters were at this crop. My brother CJ was also there. I was stunned that he was there, because he passed away when I was twelve. Michele, his widow told me he was back now. That was the only explanation I was given. I reacted by being distant to CJ. I was avoiding the idea of CJ being alive.

I asked Kathy and Alice to walk around the parking lot with me so we could talk in private. CJ tried to come with us saying, " thats what I do." I told him I wanted to be alone with Kathy and Alice. I told them the woman was still stalking them. Kathy reacted like they were in real danger. Alice reacted like it was no big thing. We kept on walking around the parking lot talking about it. Kathy was wearing a bridesmaids dress. She snagged in on a junked car. She was saying this was a clear sign someone was out to get them. Alice said that Kathy's dress was not damaged at all. They went back to their Scrapbooking event.

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