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I would like to tell everyone that things are going well with Dreamgirl. It has been over two months now. Every time I see her I fall more in love with her. I am always learning more things about Dreamgirl. The more I learn the luckier I feel.

I know I do not write about the good times all that often. I used to write about being lonely much more then I write about being involved. I know that I am not the first person to run into this.

The first major reason I do not write as much is because I do not need a release for my job. I would write about being lonely because it would make me feel better. Writing about loneliness and sharing those feelings made me feel less desperate. I was able to share those feelings and know that I was not alone in the world. Many times I would make an LJ post about loneliness for the comments. I do not think that anyone needs to commiserate about joyfulness.

The second reason I do not write about Dreamgirl as much is because of privacy. Many of the best things that happen between us are things that I do not want to share with other people. When I am only writing about myself it is easy to say just about anything. Now that someone else is involved privacy is much more important.

There are moments between us that I could not explain if I had to. I am not sure I express the importance to other people. I am not sure I am a good enough writer to make anyone else feel import of these things. If I cannot make my readers understand the way I feel, I think I am going to stay away from those subjects.

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