Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Texas Amusement Park

Dreamt 1/31/02 in San Jose

I was traveling cross-country with my parents. We were on our way to Texas. We were driving in from the East. In Texas we were headed to Dallas. We were headed to an amusement park. In the dream I had seen a documentary about this amusement park. There were real urban planning issues with it. The amusement park had been there since the 50s. The city grew up around it. The rides were right next to homes.

We got to the part and went to one of its famous roller coasters. The park must have had a dozen large coasters in it. We did not ride the roller coaster, but the ride that was a tour of the coaster. After that tour we spent a long time just watching the coaster. There was a game that you could play. If you hit a target the exact moment one car rides buy, you win 500 fun coins. I hit the target and won the fun coins. I went to a prize stand to cash in the fun coins. None of the people at the prize stand knew what I could redeem that many coins for. I had to wait for them to find out.

As I walked back from the prize stand I noticed that looked like the tower from a submarine. It was like the submarine was buried underground and the tower was sticking out. All of the stands in that part of the park looked that. I thought it was an odd motif. I went to another part of the park and the all the stands were in the hollowed out tanks. Another part of the park was designed like airplanes.

I ran into Eric at the park. His family moved from San Jose to Dallas. I knew I was going to meet him somewhere, I just did not know where. He invited me and my parents to come back to his house. We accepted, but we wanted to wait to see what I would get for my 500 fun coins. They gave us two free tickets to another day at the park. We thought it was funny since there were three of us. We just left then. We knew we were not coming back

We went to Eric's Apartment. His wife and son where also at the apartment. We talked for a little while. It was strange that every room had a bed in it. A couple of the rooms had more then one bed in it. It was a long apartment. After being there a while I asked Eric if my parents and I could stay the night. He said it was okay. It would be different if he still lived in Silicon Valley. He told me he was getting a lot more now for "$1500" a month.

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