Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,


Dreamt 1/30/02 In San Jose

I was living in this strange apartment. The apartment was on the second and third floor of a building. It was a one-bedroom apartment. The living room and kitchen were on the second floor and the bedroom was on the third floor. The bedroom had a separate entrance then the living room and kitchen. They were across the hall from each other. I lived a cross the street from Cathy. I went out of town for a few days. I knew that Cathy was looking after my apartment. My landlord was showing the apartment to other people.

I came back to my apartment and there was a drawling on the outside window. I could see the drawing as I let myself in the building. In a pale red there was a diagram of how I had my TV and Stereo equipment. Over top of that there is a black drawing with new equipment. I could tell the equipment was more expensive then my old stuff. I was still pissed off. At that moment I knew someone had robbed my apartment. I was pissed off at both Cathy and my landlord. I knew one of them caused this.

I got up to my apartment to find my landlord. He was setting up the new equipment. He said he showed my apartment to someone then left the door unlocked. The thief only stole my home electronics. I was pissed because I felt a real attachment to that gear. The new electronics was better, but it did not meet my personality. I was angry that my landlord would let something like this happen.
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