Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Pro Wrestling

Dreamt 1/27/02 in San Jose

I was in the WWF. Kevin Nash was making his big return. There were about ten guys from the WWF beating on him. None of the headliners were there. It was people like Lance Storm and the APA . We kept
on fighting with him. He told use we could do any of our moves to him. I wanted to do a really cool move, but I could not pull it off. He was too big and too heavy. We kept on fighting. Kevin Nash started to fight back. We cleared the rest of the ring but me. We had arranged to do a double knockdown move. I was on top of him for the pin, then he rolled on top of me. As he was getting the pin I asked if I was the
highest ranking guy who said I would Job (lose) to him on his first match back. He said yes.
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