Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Bullets and Fear

Dreamt 1/28/02 in San Jose

I was watching the TV news. They were doing a report on a community center in Oklahoma City that had been taken over by radical Muslims. They were really upset at how the community center was being used. The TV news showed the people gathered around one of the upper floors with guns. They were also upset at the shape of the building. It was both men and women. All of the sudden I was in Oklahoma City outside that community center. The people in the building started to fire at the people on the street. I started to run down the street. I would run for a little while then duck behind a car. I kept on doing this and it seemed to work. I must have been 1000 yards from the building and the bullets were still flying. There was a short woman with me. She thought she was outside the range of the building. She was shot down trying to run. I remember being very scared of the people shooting at me.
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