Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Where will the New Voters go from here.

On TV this morning they were talking to a young woman and first time Voter from Ohio State Univ. She was talking about the mood there. What caught me was when she was asked if she was discouraged. She said no and that she would be back in another 4 years to vote again. I almost choked when I heard this.

If Democrats wait four year to go back to the polls they will lose again. The next big battle will be in 2 years on the national level. Lots of states will elect new Governors next year. Only voting for the President is no way to be involved in a democracy.

On a National level, Democrats have to work to get the House back. If rank and file voting democrats are only focused on Presidential elections they are never get a head.

I know that the President has a lot of power. Voting for that office is the single most powerful vote that can be cast. Voters need to see that there is a whole system around him. Without both houses of congress held by his party the President would be much less powerful. I am worried that most of the LJ democrats I read do not see this.

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