Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Moral Meme

Taken from junglemonkee, mortaine, and layer

Abortion?: It disturbs me that there are between 1,000,000 and 800,000 abortions in America a year. I think that Abortion should be legal. I even think that America should think about a Constitutional Amendment to the right to abortion so it is even taken out of the Supreme Court’s hands. Until then any conversation about the reasons there are so many abortions in America will be seen as an assault on the right to abortion.

Prostitution?: Legalizing prostitution will not end illegal prostitution. There would be a grey market for people who did not want to go by the government rules. I really think that legal prostitution is a greater benefit to the johns then the prostitutes. Unless the johns also need to be tested and given a clean bill of health before using prostitutes, legalization will not give that great of a benefit to the prostitutes.

Another big problem is that it really is the bottom of the sex industry. The most women who get into prostitution have no other skill. They are banking on the one asset, their body. I know this is a class issue. I know this is clearly a class and drug issue. I think many times prostitution is a symptom and not the cause of the problem

Alcohol?: I drink. Mostly it is social, but sometime it is to excess. My first idea is not to get drunk or drink everyday. I think that many people look at it as a crutch. It is an easy way for people to socialize with each other.

Marijuana?: The war on drugs has failed. Marijuana should be legalized. I think that it is a drug like alcohol that many people use as a crutch. People who use it should look carefully at the way it effect their life. I distrust people who think they need that kind of filter on the world to get through everyday life.

Smoking?: As long as you do not do it in my apartment or my car, I do not care. People keep on smoking no matter what. I have to laugh at anyone who is my age or younger and smokes. All of my life I have heard about the danger of smoking. I do not feel sorry anyone who has health problems from smoking.

Other drugs?: The war on drugs has failed. We should look at treating drugs as a public health issue and not a law enforcement issue. I am not saying that drugs like heroine or cocaine should be legal. I am saying the government needs to look for ways to rethink these issues.

I would never do hard drugs. I am afraid that they would screw me up and I am afraid that I would like them. It is a bad combination.

Gay marriage?: I am in support of people’s right to marry. I think that it is to the benefit of everyone to try to persuade other people to this point of view.

Illegal immigrants?: This is a really complex issue. You can easily see why people would come from all over the world to work in America. This story of America is people trying to make a better life for themselves.

Drunk driving?: Everyone should know better. I am not a fan of M.A.D.D. There have been a lot invasive driving laws because of them. I would not be happy if any state passed a one drink impairment law. M.A.D.D has done the best to get the forth amendment out of driving.

Cloning?: We just need to make sure we precede carefully. I am happy that people are willing to debate if it is the right thing to do or not. My mind is not made up on this.

Racism?: This is the most complex issue of my lifetime. It has been an issue long before I was born and it will say one long after I die.

I find racism to be unacceptable on a personal level. I have known a lot of racists in my life. I am not afraid to tell them that I think they are wrong. It is something people need to make a stand on in personal relationships.

I think that racism is made more complex by things like Identity Politics and Urban Tribalism. It makes it hard for people to know when it is right to recognize race and when it is wrong. Many times politicians mistreat the idea of race. They use it as a way to get a head and divide groups.

Premarital sex?: I think that it is fine between consenting adults. I always feel bad when I see people who are dysfunctional about sex.

I think that high school students are not ready for the natural outcome of sex, pregnancy. I do not expect to have children. If I did I would ask them to wait until they were out of high school to have sex.

Religion?: I know that I believe in God. I know that religion is something people need. If people did not need it, it would have died out by now. Religion can be a tool for good or a tool for destruction.

My experience is that people relationship with religion says a lot about them. Vain and egotistic people have relationships with religion that very much fit their personality. It is the same with weak or dependent people. This means that I am likely to no trust some expressions of religion the same way I do not trust some people

Downloading music?: I have bought enough music in my life that I do not feel like I am stealing when I download music. I have not downloaded any music since Napster was put out of business by the court. I would like them to clear up the issue first.

The legal drinking age?: Not too concerned.

Porn?: This is a first amendment issue for me. This needs to be protected as freedom of the press.

I also think whatever gets you through the night is alright. I might not like some of the stuff, but I am not going to make fun of anyone us likes it.

I am not going to get on a high horse about Porn objectifying women. Porn is somewhere down the line after Movies, Television, Advertising, and Fashion. When these establishments stop objectifying women, I will hold porn up to a higher standard.

Suicide?: It is tragic, but I am not going to speak ill of the dead. I call anyone who killed themselves a coward.

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