Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

College & Spider Web

Dreamt 1/20/02 in San Jose

I went back to college. I had moved back into the dorms. It was the second semester of the year. I was getting to know the people who where also living on my floor. All of the people where into pranks. They were always pulling pranks on each other. There were some automatic prank triggers. I knew if you did something dumb, they would pull a prank on you. The rest of the people on the floor said I did not understand because I was so much older then them. I had fallen asleep in the study room on my floor. The next thing I knew the room was full of they man-made spider web. There was a good-looking woman who was there when I woke up. She told me about how this was done to me. I spent my time just trying to get out of the web. It was almost like a playground toy.

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