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Movie & Friends

Dreamt 1/18/02 in San Jose

I was visiting Cathy in State College. We were hanging out at this huge apartment. We had decided to watch a video. The movie was a story about three slacker friends who were living in a college town. The woman and two men were all dropouts of that college. The movie opens with the three of them having breakfast.

The three people where all very stylish. They were living the utmost hipster lifestyle. As the movie went along we found out that the people where shallow and unhappy. The movie kept on flashing back to moments earlier in their life showing really bad things happening to them. Every time something bad happened they coped by becoming shallower and shallower.

There was a scene were two of them were walking down a street as freshmen. The woman had told the man she was pregnant. All the man could talk about was how this was going to ruin his life. He kept on begging her to abort the baby. She kept on telling him she was going to have the baby. He said that his father would give her a huge amount of money to have the abortion. At this point she gave in and agreed to the abortion.

After the movie was over we were no longer at Cathy's apartment. We were at my parents house. Jeremy was also there with Cathy and me. My father was watching the movie with us. I was visiting my parents and I was leaving to go back home the next day. Jeremy, Cathy, and I were going take the movie back to the video store then go out for something to eat.

Peter and Jon showed up to hang out with us. Just as we were about to leave, Jeremy and Cathy told me they were not coming with us. I was pissed at them for backing out at the last minute. Jeremy told me they were never planning to go out with us after watching the movie. I thought that Peter and Jon would also back out at that time, but they did not. Jon started to drive away when he bumped into Jeremy's car. I thought that was the third time in a row he had hit Jeremy's Car.

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