March 24th, 2007

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Mean Girls

This American Life this week had a story about Mean Popular School Girls. He person who was doing the story talked about how much the popular girl picked on him, but he still liked her. He was talking like everyone needed the Mean Popular Girls. He talked like they were lions and he was a zebra.

The story made me think the writer was crazy. It has been 20 years since I started high school. To be honest I cannot remember who the mean popular girls were in my high school. If they walked up to me right now I would need to check their IDs. The only mean girl I can remember from elementary school was this girl Colleen. I think she ended up as a high school drop out.

I guess the writer of that story is still stuck in high school. I guess if I am stuck anywhere is it not back in high school.
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March 23: Self w/Camera

March 23: Self w/Camera
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As of March 22nd, I have had my Nikon D50 for one year. Flickr has was the main driver for me to get the D50. In that year I have been obsessed with flickr and taking photos to put on flickr. Many times If I know I will not be able to put the photos on flickr, I will not bother taking them.

A year later, I still really like my camera. It is not perfect, but it has served me well. It might be the most useful piece of consumer electronics I have ever purchased. I know that I had a camera before my D50, but it did not inspire me the way my D50 has. It did not make me think about photography or take chances with photography the way my D50 has.

There is still a lot I have to learn about photography. I know that I do my best learning when I go out and take pictures. My Nikon D50 makes me want to go out and take pictures. That is a good thing.

Is there anything I should try taking a picture of in the next year?