April 2nd, 2002

candy heart

Family and Cars

Dreamt 3/27/02 in Eureka, CA

I was visiting my parents back in Warminster. Sean and Kathy were also there. We had to keep visiting the machines to pick up cars that were being repaired. We had to do this almost ten times. Sean and I kept on buying used cars. I was not sure how I was going to get the cars back to San Jose. I just know it was a good idea to buy these cars.
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Dreaming of Work on Vacation I

Dreamt 3/30/02 in Portland

I was at a track meet. It was a company event and I was there with a bunch of people from TiVo. We had a company track team. At the track meet I ran into a guy I knew from high school, Todd. Todd was an out of work account and low level pro wrestler. He was wearing Sabus Pants and the Iron Sheiks shoes. He told me he wanted to upgrade both of those things. They had the cheap versions of these things, but he wanted the pro versions. He asked me if I could get him a job. I told him that I could not. He told me he was desperate and he was always on time. I told he we just laid people off and I could not help him.

I had to run back to the office to get something. When I was there some one started a presentation on the big screen in the office. The presentation was a video montage of memos, e-mails, and pictures. The theme of the presentation is people who have been laid off. It was a take off of the videos that have been made in the past about our companys media coverage. They were pictures and the faces were xed out. There were also e-mails about different company events. There were notes on the messages detailing what happened to the people that where no longer there.

Our CEO and CTO were sitting in the open area before the whole thing started. When it started almost the whole company was drawn to it. I sat on the couch right next to our CEO and CTO. I thought the whole thing was really funny. Most of the people who watched were speechless. As this was going on Richard was sitting in a crows next in the open area. He started to play a Dylan song on his guitar. It was clear he arranged this event. Everyone started to sing along with him. I could tell there were some people in the office that were not amused.
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Dreaming of Work on Vacation II

Dreamt 3/31/02 in Portland

I was in the office at work. There were big changes in the works, but no one was getting laid off. I was not sure what was happening. There were signs all over the building about the activities that used to take place there. I know that big changes were happening. Jaz and a couple of the engineers were there. The engineers were in the lunchroom trading their comic books for options on more shares and Matchbox cars. I was trying to figure out why the vice presidents needed comic books. The comic books they were getting were not worth any money. This dream was disturbing to wake me from a sound sleep.
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Personal Car Lot

Dreamt 4/1/02 in Portland

Jason, Leland, and I were all living in the same house. It was the house I used to live in when I got to San Jose. Jason was really in charge. He was always getting on Leland and me. I had my car, the Corsica. I was also buying other cars. I bought a used Miata. A guy I worked with also gave me his Miata for doing him a favor. We had ten cars between the three of us. Jason was going crazy because we had so many cars in front of the house. I thought it was great that I finally had a convertible.