February 28th, 2002

candy heart

Christmas At Work

Dreamt 2/28/02 in San Jose

It was Christmas time and I was at work. We were having a huge party at work. My parents were also in town. We were going to also celebrate christmas at my work place after the work party. My parents gifts and all the work gifts were under the tree in the common area.

My Mother decided to give the Christmas party a theme of the Prisoner TV show. All of the gifts that would have been from Santa Claus were from the Village instead. My mother was wearing the cape the women in the Village wore on the TV show. She had invited a lot of people I worked with. My old vice-president was coming to our family Christmas Party.

I looked under the tree and I was upset that there were not many gifts for me there. None of the people I worked with put a gift for me under the tree. I knew I would be getting gifts from my family, but I was still upset that none of my co-workers gave me a gift.