February 6th, 2002

candy heart

Work Dream I

Dreamt 2/6/2002 in San Jose

I was working for a start up company. A lot of people I currently work with where also at this company. We were doing something that was on the outskirts of the law. It was kind of like Napster. The courts shut us down.

Some of the people from the company decided to continue the operations from their house. Their house was a ranch house in an unnamed suburb. I was working on a laptop in the carport. I was also a look out for the cops.

The cops raided us. I tried to escape by jumping the fence in the back yard. All the yards that surrounded the house either had dogs in them or cops were coming from them. I could not escape. I got caught like everyone else.

We were all sitting in the back yard of the house. The judge came out right as we were arrested. She wanted to take care of it there and then. It was Judge Judy from the TV show. She yelled at all of us for breaking the law. Before I was called up, I was scared. When she started yelling at me I just thought it was funny.