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Dreams of DC

I had a dream last night that I moved to Washington DC. I had found the apartment over the phone and decided to move in without ever seeing the place. I was moving to DC for a job. It was a company that I knew a lot of people at. There were a whole bunch of people from high school at this job. I was in a training class at the job and I was looking out the window. At that point a missile was being launched in the city of DC. It had take off problems and crashed back into the City. Everyone in my class saw it. None of us were afraid it was the end of the world, but we wanted to get out of that part of the city incase the missile exploded. They let us leave work. I could not find a way back to my apartment. It was too far to walk, they were not letting us back to the parking garage and the Metro was closed. It was really hard to find a cab. Once I found a cab, I know I did not have very much cash. He stoped at a 7-11 so I could use the ATM. The ATM was a problem because it was not a standard 12 key pad. All the numbers were out of order. It had to figure out how to use it since it was all screwed up.

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