Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Reform School

Dreamt 6/3/02 in Warminster, PA

I was starting at a school for young delinquents. It was a place that we were sent so we could learn what it means to be responsible. It was not run like a prison. It was more like a boarding school with really tough students. After a few classes, the kids and the teachers started to trust me.

I was assigned the task to put on a big upcoming event. They told me where all the supplies where, but they did not tell me how to perform the task. i had to figure it out for myself.

There was one girl that seemed to run the whole school. She was the tough girl that did not take crap. The girl looked like Rain Phoenix. I knew that I had to get her on my side to get this done. I spent a lot of time watching her trying to figure her out. I ended up not asking here and just trying to do it on my own.

The school had a coffee bar and a restaurant. I was sitting in the restaurant with two guys from TiVo. They told me to relax because nothing that happened at the school meant anything. We would all graduate no matter what.
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