Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Living with my co-workers

Drempt 5/15/2002 in San Jose

I had moved into a new apartment with my boss Jay and my co-worker Armando. We had moved into this apartment so we could do our job better. The apartment was huge. It had bedrooms the size of classrooms. It had really high ceiling also. All our stuff was already there when we moved it.

I decided to go to bed first. I was not comfortable there. It felt really weird. I looked under the bed and all these rats started to run out from under it. They all ran up the window. They where just clinging to the window and nowhere else on the wall. After they got up on the window, they just moved around. It was like they were not afraid of me at all.

It was so disturbing, I woke up to make sure there were not rats in my apartment.
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