Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Being Introduced

Dreamt 4/25/02 in San Jose

I was back in Philadelphia. I was at a party with a lot of people. chattycathy and angela_la_la told me there was a woman that I had to meet. I was waiting around to meet this woman. It was started to feel like an anti-climax. They told me all these good things about this woman and she was nowhere to be seen.

A little while later we were introduced. The woman was a local celebrity in Philadelphia. She was the Head Mistress at a chic S&M club in the city. She was very popular with people in the local media. She was heavy, but very curvy. She had a very attractive shape, but it was not conventional. While she was making her way though the party, there were lots of people around her.

She came over to me and everyone around her just disbursed. We started talking and there was an instant connection. After talking for a little while, she gave me a peck on the check and left.

I kept on running into this woman over the next couple of days. She was always waring fetish outfits. I was always dressed in my normal clothing. I asked her why was she interested in me. She stroked my cheek with her hand. She told me I would have to figure that out for myself. When her hand touched my face, I felt protected from the rest of the world.

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