Earthdog (earthdog) wrote,

Work Standing Up

Dreamt 4/9/2002 in Albuquerque

I was at work in a cubical. It was a stand up cubical and very small. One of the engineers had come up to me. I could tell he was really pissed off. He asked me if I sent another engineer an e-mail calling the first e-mail a bit of a punk. I started to look though my out box for a moment. I stopped looking because I think the engineer is a bit of a punk. I looked at the engineer and said that I could not remember for sure, but there was a good chance I sent that message.

He was really upset. He just started yelling and screaming. He told me he was going to get me fired. He told me that none of the engineers like me and they were all behind him. He started to list managers that were against me. He said the engineers had a web site listing all the reasons I should be fired. He was happy to tell me all these things.

It was really upsetting dream. I woke up to realize it was just a dream. I think it says something about my own insecurities.

Main Entry: punk
Function: adjective
Date: 1896
1 : very poor : INFERIOR

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